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My first ILoveThisBox (November 2011)

18 Dec

I was nicely offered to trial the first ever ILoveThisBox beauty sample box. I was a bit sceptical about the beauty sample boxes, but I’m glad to say that I was nicely surprised by this one. 🙂

ILoveThisBox brings a fabulous monthly selection of up to 5 luxurious cosmetic samples straight to your door. By working with the best brands and focusing on the latest trends they ensure each month’s box is a real treat.

Delivery is included in your monthly or annual membership fee and you can cancel a monthly membership at any time (which I know is one of the first questions asked by most). The monthly subscription fee is AUD 14.95.

My first impression was, WOW… there are a LOT of full size products included, and some of them are new and or not seen before – which is exactly what you want to get from these sample box services.

The package arrived in good condition and the box/packaging was very cute… and it came with product detail card to tell you exactly what you got.

Want to see what I got in the November box?…

November’s box included:

– NEW Keratinology by Sunsilk Salon Perfection Shampoo and Conditioner full size products – a premium collection formulated with Keratin Micro Technology

– Certified Organic by NATURE, NVEY ECO’s Taupe [#172] Eyeshadow full size product – a lovely taupe eyeshadow colour that is talc free

– POD Liquid Tan Gradual Tanning Face Serum full size product – a light weight serum using a eco-cert vegetable tanning active

– Caudalie Paris skin care samples: Premières vendanges moisturizing cream, Anti-wrinkle serum,  Anti-wrinkle ultra-nourishing cream.

– Essie mini nail polish in French Affair from the Spring 2011 Collection

When I first opened the box, there was this AMAZING smell – turned out to be the New Sunsilk Keratinology hair products. These are great and have been my favourite products from the box so far. The nail polish is a gorgeous colour and I’m keen to try out the facial tanning serum.

There was also a discount offer for Magnolia Silver Jewellery included.

All in all, I was very pleased with the first box from ILoveThisBox, and I think that the brands they have partnered up with are quite good and something that I would love to receive. And the goodies were ginormous!
These boxes could also be a great gift for somebody, I mean who doesn’t love getting presents in the mail?

You can check out more about ILoveThisBox over at their website. They also have a blog! Make sure you sign up if you are interested… I think that the cut off date for the December box has passed, but you should be able to get in for the January one!

This was provided for review as per my disclosure statement.

ABBW Prep: Fake Tanning and Eyebrow Shaping

1 Oct

In my preparation for The Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend (ABBW) the weekend just gone, I booked in a few “must/absolutely/will die if they see me in this state” beauty appointments. A spray tan and an eyebrow shape of course – the two quickest ways to looking polished and ready for any big event where you will be photographed a lot. A lady of beauty can’t be surrounded by 84 other beauty bloggers looking like a ghost with bushy brows now can she?!

I made a trip to Lush Spray Tanning & Beauty at Albion after a few recommendations (my Mum has been there and so has Bec at Perfectly Smooth).

I decided to go with the Velocity Tan by Vani-T (rapid tan) as I wanted to be able to wash it off that night, I was catching an early flight the next day to Sydney and I didn’t want to stink the other passengers out. My other reason was that I wanted a natural looking tan (look for formulas that have a green base) that was going to make me look like I just stepped off the beach in the Maldives.

Velocity Tan by Vani-T is the world’s first RAPID Tan with Certified Organic DHA & Quad Bronzing Technology. Vani-T Liquid Sun’s internationally renowned luscious natural and organic based formula is now available to wash and wear in as little as 1 hour (1 hour – light tan, 2 hours – medium tan, 3 – 4 hours – dark tan). Wash off after the desired development time and the colour keeps developing. No waiting for hours for your tan to develop, tan remnants on your sheets, or an excuse for not going to the gym!

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Chic Cheeks

21 Mar

Ladies, let me introduce you to a company that has done a wonderful thing and created a product that will cut our make up spending in half!! (you’re going to want to stay tuned)

Introducing… Chic Australia!

This Aussie owned cosmetics brand was founded by make-up artist and beauty therapist Lois Yaghoubour, who launched the brand out of a personal passion to create an all-in-one product that would have the ability to leave one looking perfectly preened and beautiful all day without any touchups whatsoever. After in-depth research and development, Chic Baked Contour Powder was born, a 7-in-1 wonder product.

Chic Australia Baked Contour Powder features a lightweight, easily blended formula to define and sculpt the face and body for 12 hours of radiance. This long-lasting, dome shaped powder is slowly baked on a terracotta plate for 24 hours to reduce mess and includes light-reflecting pigments to highlight and contour the face and body for added luminosity. Formulated with liquid minerals, the powder includes mica, kaolin clay, mother of pearl, iron oxides, titanium dioxide and silica. It is versatile and travel-friendly, packaged in a convenient, stylish black compact with a handy mirror (of good size).

This product has 7 actions in 1 compact. It can be used as a blusher, bronzer, eyeshadow, lip colour, eyeliner, highlighter and contouring powder and can transform your complexion from drab to fab anytime! The powders produce a lightweight high frost finish that will accentuate your features for a natural radiant look.

There are eight different shades in the Chic Baked Contour Powder range, to suit every skin type and colour. The range of shades include everything from a pinkish highlight colour, a rosy blush colour, to your bronze colours (see range of colours below).

The shade that I have been using is BanksiaBloom (RRP $49.95 AUD), a deep cocoa colour with specks of gold for an even and natural tan glow. I found this shade to be perfect for everything from contouring and bronzing to a perfect coppery eye shadow. Even though the BanksiaBloom shade features a gold fleck throughout, the pigment is so finely milled and smooths on the skin so evenly that the result is natural and luminous. It’s great as a contour as it eliminates the need for a matte contour bronzer AND a highlighter – just apply this and go! Perfect for travelling when you’re forced to downsize your make up stash (OH the Horror!!). I also love that this baked powder is mess-free, unlike so many other bronzers that leave powder over every surface.

The below pictures show the colour swatched heavily on my hand with flash, applied under the cheekbones as a contour, and lastly, applied all over the eyes as an eye shadow.

Here are some other ways to use the Chic Baked Contour Powder:

Tip 1: Dust this shade lightly over your lipstick to accentuate your lips and give them a subtle glow.

Tip 2: Apply this shade with a big powder brush all over your decolletage to give the illusion of a nice bronzed tan without the fuss (and orange hands).

An added plus, Chic Australia does not test their products on animals. To find your nearest stockist click here and to find out more about Chic Australia visit their website – www.chicaustralia.com.au

[Image source: Chic Australia and my own, please do not use without permission]

I was kindly sent this product for consideration, as per my disclosure statement, this did not influence my opinion in any way and all reviews are of my own honest opinion.

Endless Summer

10 Jan

As the weather this summer in QLD has been shithouse to say the least, I needed some help in the sun-kissed sector. I had a wedding to attend, and even though it was pouring rain, I didn’t want to look pasty and white. So off I headed to Myer, I had my eye on the latest release from ModelCo, their TAN MOUSSE.

You can purchase ModelCo from Myer, David Jones, Priceline or any other participating retailer, but I headed to Myer as I had a few other things to get. As a promotion before Christmas, Myer had a gift pack containing the TAN MOUSSE (AU $35.00 for 180ml) and the TAN EXTENDER (AU $24.00 for 200ml) all for only AU $39.00. It worked out to be only $4 more to get the tan extender, YEHHAW!

ModelCo TAN MOUSSE is a super lightweight, easy-to-apply, self-tanning and instant bronzing foam for body (I don’t use this on my face), that provides a deep, fast tan that will last for days. And when I say days, I mean DAYS. Try 7 days, that’s how long mine lasted. That rivals the longevity of a salon spray tan!

Now, I’m an avid fan of the Ella Bache Great Tan Mousse, so this poor lass had major high standards to compete with. My favourite product of ModelCo’s was their Spray TAN IN A CAN, and I was hoping that the mousse would give me the same great colour, but with easier application. The pleasant smelling foam, is caramel-tinted leaving a bronze glow as you tan so you can see where it’s applied, leaving you with perfectly streak-free tan everytime. The DHA self-tan develops within hours, the colour is great and definitely streak-free. TAN MOUSSE contains 6% DHA (the highest amount of tanning agent used in ModelCo tanning products) and Caramel Extract for its unrivaled natural colour.

The TAN MOUSSE features a new innovative fragrance technology which is supposed to lock out any chemical odors, so there’s no tell-tale ‘fake-tan smell’ – this was true for when I first applied it, I was left with a somewhat sweet caramel scent. However, after a few hours of it developing, the tell-tale ‘fake-tan smell’ reared it’s ugly head. I guess that just comes with the high percentage of DHA.

I applied the tan the afternoon before the event with my Ella Bache buffing mitt (see below for ModelCo alternative) and slept in it overnight. I awoke the morning of the event, stumbled into my ensuite and looked at myself and thought “Holy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas, I am ORANGE!”

I then jumped into the shower faster than you could say “Wonka Nerdilicious Sour Sticks” and scrubbed feverishly to try and tone down the colour by exfoliating the hell out of my skin. I think it worked, because the colour didn’t seem so orange after that.

Here is the result of the colour, sorry the image isn’t very big and there isn’t too much to show of it. I had to crop other people out of it.

I was happy with the end result and I will keep using the ModelCo TAN MOUSSE.

Tips for application of ModelCo TAN MOUSSE

STEP 1. Shake bottle well before each use. For optimum results, apply to clean, exfoliated skin within 10 minutes of showering. For even, streak-free results, apply using ModelCo BLEND BUFFING MITT (AU $11.95).

STEP 2. Gently massage the foam into the skin, working on one area of the body at a time. Use sparingly on knees, elbows & ankles. Wash hands immediately after use.

STEP 3. Wait 10 minutes before dressing and at least 4 hours before washing.

TAN EXTENDER is the latest exciting addition to the ModelCo TAN range – use it to intensify or extend the life of your tan, whilst nourishing and toning your skin. Or, simply use TAN EXTENDER on it’s own for a natural-looking sun kissed glow all year round.

TAN EXTENDER contains nourishing active ingredients such as Green Tea, Caffeine, Ivy Extract, Bladderwrack and Horse Chestnut Extract, which all work to improve the skins tone and texture.

• A potent anti-oxidant, acting as an anti-inflammatory & preventing the visible signs of aging.

• Stimulates blood flow in the skin,
• Rich in tannins, acting as an astringent, constricting blood vessels and the skin
• Skin feels more toned as puffiness is reduced.

• Works as an astringent and a decongestant, firming body tissue by eliminating excess water.

• Contains skin-softening properties as it improves the skin’s elasticity through its water binding properties.

• Has astringency and anti-inflammatory benefits.
• Skin appears more toned and smooth as fluid retention is reduced by increasing the permeability of the capillaries and allowing the reabsorbtion of excess fluid back into the circulatory system.

I haven’t used the TAN EXTENDER long enough to report on the skin benefits above, but the product lives up to its tan amplifying effects. I believe this helped extend the life of my tan to a week and made sure I didn’t get the patchiness when the tan eventually started to wear off. The lotion itself is sweet smelling and rubs into the skin considerably well. I would use this self-tan extender only when I have a tan on, as the product contains Mineral Oil which I am not keen on, however I can’t deny it does a wonderful job at keeping my skin hydrated and provide a longer lasting, natural-looking tan.


[Image Credit: ModelCo]

Top five favourites

13 Dec


As the year is coming to a close, I want to share with you my top five favourite products from the year that was 2010. This was suggested by Anita at lovevulcanella.com so pop over and check out her site as she will be doing a ‘Beauty Blogger’s Top 5’ post featuring the favourite products from some of us beauty bloggers. It was so hard to choose just five, so I chose mine based on what I repeatedly purchase (must make it good right?!) and what I couldn’t possibly live without.

Let’s go backwards (as to build up more suspense). I don’t want to hit you with my most loved straight up now do I?

Number 5 is…


Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish in Look 4 ($59)  – a silk finish powder foundation compact, 3-in-1 that conceals, covers and sets. Perfect for when you know you will be in front of the camera and you don’t want “the eagle” – pale face/tan body (rookie mistake). Also great if you are in a rush and just want to add a bit of colour to your face and even out skin tone.


Number 4 is…

Bloom Organics Certified Organic Rosehip Oil ($25, 20ml) – rich in Vitamins A and essential fatty acids, this Certified Organic Oil is a powerful antioxidant. It naturally hydrates the skin, decreases the appearance of fine lines and improves skin elasticity. I use Rosehip Oil religiously as I find it great for my oily/combination skin. It doesn’t make my skin oily (common misconception about oils) and is SO GREAT for the dry parts on my face (cheeks and around the nose).


Number 3 is…

M.A.C Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle ($46) – a luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks and brows, or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face. I have received so many compliments wearing this as a highlighter. It’s gorgeous. Love this so hard! 🙂


Number 2 is…

Ella Bache Great Moussetan ($44, 150ml) – a creamy moisturising mousse that is quick and easy to apply, as well as fast absorbing, providing a streak-free golden tan that develops over 1-4 hours. Instant bronze tint allows for easy flawless application. pH balancing and stablished to deliver a natural looking tan adjusted to suit your skin – won’t turn your skin orange! Believe it girls. You won’t ever turn back from this baby. Most amazing natural looking colour ever! Apply with the Ella Bache Great Tanningmitt ($15) to achieve a flawless, streak-free application of this tan (and NO.ORANGE.HANDS!! Girls it doesn’t get any better than that, get to Ella Bache stat!).

OK you ready? Drum roll please!!!

Number 1, Numero uno, first place, winner product for hip&haute for 2010 goes to…



Benefit Hoola bronzing powder ($51) – This soft bronze matte powder gives your complexion a healthy, natural looking tan. Dust it lightly across cheeks, chin and forehead to bring the warm tan of the island to your skin and spirits. Use hoola for a year round healthy tan. This bronzer is AMAZEBALLS!! Best bronzed colour ever, giving you exactly what it says – a “natural” tan complexion. Boy oh boy, I rarely go a day without popping this hero product on. So great for contouring used with a slanted powder brush. Remember when contouring to apply UNDER the cheekbones and place a highlighter/illuminator on top of your cheekbones. Do this and you’ll be sure to have gorgeous cheeks like fellow bronzer lover, Lauren Conrad here.

I’m not the only one who thinks this is a winner of a product. Check out the awards this baby has received:

  • 2010 Life & Style Awards – Best Bronzer
  • 2010 TotalBeauty.com Total Beauty Awards – Best Bronzer (Readers’ Choice)
  • 2008 Best of Sephora: “Best Bronzer”

What are some of your hero products? Anyone keen to try out the Hoola Bronzer? Or has anyone tried it and loved it sick? Let me know.

[Image Credit: weheartit.com napoleonperdis.com bloomcosmetics.com kaboodle.com ellabache.com.au adorebeauty.com.au ]

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