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Time for another Lob chop

26 Jun

It has just recently come to my attention that my hair has grown A LOT in the last few weeks and it could almost be classified as mid-length at the moment… NOOOOO *screams and writhers like the Wicked Witch of the West doused in water*

Time to chop it back to my much beloved Lob (aka long bob) and add back in some gradual balayge ends. As it always goes… I jump on the internet for some hairspiration. What girl doesn’t? Below are a few photos of the look I will be aiming for when I go sit in the hairdresser’s chair.

I especially love Miroslava Duma’s hair in photos 1 and 2. What do you think Hautees? Which photo should I be taking to the hairdresser as hairspiration?

If I could look like anyone it would be Miroslava, don’t you agree? She’s a total fox!

[images via pinterest]


girl crushing

29 Jul

I’m totally girl crushing on these lovely lasses lately. Everywhere I see them, they look immaculate, stylish and groomed to perfection! Emma Watson as the new Ambassador for Lancome, Rose Byrne hosting a Zimmerman party and Teresa Palmer at the premiere of I Am Number Four.

Phwoar! Australia breeds some pretty impressive beauties, don’t you think?

I’m hoping I can look even just 1/10th as good as Teresa when I slap on my new Nars Carthage lipstick. And that hair… GORGEOUS!

Tell me hauties, who have you been girl crushing on lately? Come on spill!!

Don’t keep them all to yourselves you greedy gumdrops.

[Image Source: thecoffeebreakanemmawatsonnewssource.blogspot.com  www.fashionfame.com  www.zimbio.com/ ]

A quick FOTD + 100th post

4 Jul

This is just a quick FOTD featuring my natural “going out soon… shit son I only have 20mins to get myself looking decent” look. And yes, apologies, I know the photo is crappola! My camera is out of action unfortunately… hurry up birf-day so I can get my snazzy new camera!!!

You all know the one… the natural ‘why yessum I do just look this good naturally’ look, using more than the average amount of makeup. Now let’s get into it…


  • Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Skin Primer
  • Mixture of Face of Australia Liquid Mineral Makeup in Beige with equal parts of Maybelline NY Mineral Power Liquid Foundation in Creamy Natural (applied with a stippling brush for a flawless finish)
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer under the eyes and to cover any flaws
  • Set base with Maybelline NY FIT ME Pressed Powder in 225 Medium Buff
  • Illamasqua Powder Blush in Hussy
  • Face of Australia Pressed Powder in Bronze as contour
  • Benefit instant brow pencil in medium to dark to fill in the brows


  • Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in R.S.V.P all over lid from the Primpcess palette
  • Benefit Powder Eyeshadow contour from the Primpcess palette (middle highlight shade) on browbone
  • Benefit Powder Eyeshadow brown liner from Primpcess palette (dark brown shade) in the crease blended out and followed underneath the eyes in the lash line
  • Lashes curled and then coated twice with Benefit Badgal lash mascara


  • One coat of Face Of Australia Mineral Lip Shine in Oyster Shell
  • Followed by MAC Lipstick (frost) in Angel

Tadaaaa… semi-useless FOTD picture:

And a poor attempt to capture my whole outfit. 😦 This look was for my date with Yolanda from Shopping Intervention. We went to Freestyle Tout for dinner and dessert… na na na naahhh nahhhhh look what we had:

Bread and Butter Pudding FTW! droollll

Let me know, was this of use to you? Or was it as useless as tits on a boar?

Tag: The 5 Product Challenge

7 Jun

I was tagged by Jess from MissJShopaholic  to do this 5 product challenge – where you have to stick to only FIVE products to do an entire face of makeup!

This video comes with a warning: I have a bare face at the start…so apologies if I scare any small children (haha)

So Enjoy!


Now I tag:

Mez from MsMadameMakeup 

Caroline from XOFemmeBeauty

Brie from MadameBFatale

Have fun!

nearly nude

6 May

As Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) comes to an end, I have noticed a huge trend in many of the shows with regards to the lips – they are bare, understated but certainly not forgotten.

I like to call this trend the ‘nearly nude’ – using a nude coloured lipstick close to the colour of your lips, to perfect the nude lip look.

Napoleon Perdis mastered this look at the Carl Kapp and Thurley shows at RAFW 2011, which saw the models look polished and innocent, with flawless skin and a nude lipstick that would have us tricked into thinking that they woke up with those perfect pouts and inner glow.

Carl Kapp


For both these shows, Napoleon Perdis used the Napoleon Perdis Devine Goddess Lipstick in Hess (AU$33) on the models. This is a slightly pink nude and would look perfect with a smokey eye or just a bare face look.

For that flawless base, the Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum and Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer were both used for each look to create a perfect working canvas, with the Carl Kapp look using the China Doll Foundation, Mighty Concealer Pen and Mattifying Mineral Powder to give a porcelain matte finish; and the Thurley look using Advanced Mineral Makeup.

And to achieve those luminous cheeks from Thurley, Napoleon Perdis used Light Patrol Luminizer Palette in Pink Ice.

The ‘nearly nude’ look is so easy to do yourself, and isn’t high-mainty or time consuming. Join me in jumping on the nude bandwagon (not literally guys… gross! Who rides nude on a wagon?! sheesh)

Another trend I’m noticing is the un-kept, brushed up brows…do any of you like that look? I don’t know about you, but I like my brows to look neat and well groomed.

[Image source: Napoleon Perdis, The Facial Company]

RAFW 2011 Get the Look: Alice McCall with Jon Pulitano for Cloud Nine

5 May

Hautees, you could only take my word for it about how amazing the new Cloud Nine Wand, but the proof is in the pudding pictures with Jon Pulitano for Cloud Nine styling the hair for the Alice McCall show last night using the Wand. The look is relaxed boho with a soft girly touch.

STYLIST: Jon Pulitano for Cloud Nine

SHOW: Alice McCall

VENUE: The OPT, Overseas Passengers Terminal

DAY AND TIME: Wednesday, May 4th, 7.30pm

ABOUT THE COLLECTION: Decadent, feminine designs, inspired by a Parisian high tea.

DESIGN INSPIRATION: This collection refines the relaxed bohemian quality that is so much a part of the Alice McCall signature, evoking a romantic, decadent world of modern elegance inspired by the old-world sophistication of a Victorian Tea Dance.  The Dansant invites us to a Parisian high tea that spills out into a garden scented with soft music and antique blooms.

Set against floaty sun ray prints, sheer sculpted silhouettes are bordered by delicate flocking and contrasting white collars.1940s tailored scalloping adds an elegantly eccentric touch.

DESIGNER QUOTE: “The hair and make-up work together with the garments to create the final look. For the show Jon is creating a relaxed loose plait with a textured wave at the front. The feel is very natural and he is using product to give a textured modern silhouette.”

THE HAIR LOOK, quote by Jon Pulitano: “The look for Alice McCall is all about relaxed boho with a soft, polished finish. I used the Cloud Nine Wand through the front to create beautiful, soft waves that were brushed out for a polished and sculptural effect. The hair also featured a 70’s style long, loose plait for a bohemian edge.”


  • Section hair into a deep side part
  • Prep hair by misting it with a volumising spray, and blow-drying smooth using a round brush, creating a soft texture with body
  • Leaving out the front section of hair from the top of the head to the top of the ears, take remaining hair and create a long, loose, plait.
  • Working with the front section of hair, take large, vertical sections and using the Cloud Nine Wand on 150 degrees, create beautiful, soft movement. Wrap the hair from the larger base to the middle of the wand for a more relaxed and polished feel.
  • Once all hair is curled, use a bristle brush to shape and mould waves for a beautiful, polished finish.
  • Finish by misting style with a light hold hairspray.

PRODUCTS: Cloud Nine Wand, RRP is $270. Stockist number 1300 C9hair.

[Image Source: Primped and Agency G for Cloud Nine, for media info related to Cloud Nine please contact The Mint Partners]

RAFW 2011 Get the Look: Shakuhachi with Paloma Rose Garcia for Cloud Nine

4 May

Today, the Shakuhachi show took everyone back to the 60’s with beautiful lace and awesome peach tonal makeup by Napoleon Perdis. Hair by Paloma Rose Garcia for Cloud Nine, saw a modern take on the 60’s inspired Bridget Bardot low ponytail.

STYLIST: Paloma Rose Garcia for Cloud Nine

SHOW: Shakuhachi

VENUE: The Cargo Theatre, Overseas Passengers Terminal

DAY AND TIME: Wednesday, May 4th, midday

ABOUT THE COLLECTION: Block colours, beautiful lace and 60’s inspired glam.

DESIGN INSPIRATION: “Block Party” was inspired by the glamorous jetsetters of the late 1960’s and 70’s from a Talitha Getty in Marrakesh to a young Bridget Bardot in San Tropez. The show featured iconic poolside Hollywood images taken by the late Slim Aaron. We wanted to build a collection of stories that included luxury combined with new on trend styles, so whether you were feeling sophisticated or more bohemian it could be combined to make a statement.

DESIGNER QUOTE: “Hair and makeup we feel is imperative for the show to enhance the look of the collection just like it is in any woman’s everyday life, we were wanting a really clean low pony tail which was over the ear and textured.”

THE HAIR LOOK:  A modern take on a 60’s inspired Bridget Bardot low ponytail. Using a low heat with the Cloud Nine Wide iron, which created a really natural bend through the hair to project a matt, raw and fluffy textured finish.


  • Create a clean, centre part.
  • Mist a sea salt spray through the hair and blow dry in using your fingers to create a matt, fluffy-like texture.
  • Starting at the nape, take horizontal sections and using the Cloud Nine Wide Iron, create loose, natural waves through the hair. To do this, clamp the iron vertically to the roots (cord facing sky), rotate it one turn (180 degrees) and glide it through to the roots. TIP: holding the iron vertically will ensure you keep and maintain length in the style.

  • Using your fingers, lightly rake hair towards the nape, leaving hair to fall over the ears and secure with a tie. The position of the pony gives a 60’s feel with the texture creating a modern finish.
  • To create the wispy static finish in the ponytail, we used a unique technique by rubbing a deflated balloon across the hair.
  • Mist style with light hold hairspray to complete the look.

PRODUCTS: Cloud Nine Wide Iron, RRP is $270. Stockist number 1300 C9hair.

[Image Source: Agency G for Cloud Nine, for media info related to Cloud Nine please contact The Mint Partners]

RAFW 2011 Get the Look: Cloud Nine for Therese Rawsthorne feat. Jon Pulitano

3 May

The first show for Cloud Nine at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) was for Therese Rawsthorne this morning at 9am at The Clothing Store. Hair was styled by Jon Pulitano for Cloud Nine.

STYLIST: Jon Pulitano for Cloud Nine

SHOW: Therese Rawsthorne

VENUE: The Clothing Store, Wilson st, Everleigh

DAY AND TIME: Tuesday, May 3rd at 9am

ABOUT THE COLLECTION: Strong colours, sheer fabrics with an overall androgynous style of glamour.

DESIGN INSPIRATION: Having watched the TV series, Twin Peaks, recently for the first time, Therese was blow way taken by the characters, the design and the crazy plot twists. Even though it is now over 20 years old it has been a key inspiration for this Spring Summer collection.

Designer Quote, Therese Rawsthorne: “Hair direction allows you to transform your show into a world, to communicate a complete ideal that tells the story of your collection. Cloud Nine is a strong, modern and creative brand and the confidence I have when working with Jon allows me to create the most amazing hair”.

THE HAIR LOOK: Using the same inspiration as the designer, Jon Pulitano looked to Twin Peaks for beauty references. The hair reflected leading character Josie Packard and her chic androgynous glamour.  The Cloud Nine Wand was crucial in creating the beautiful soft wave shape through the front that added a feminine touch to the androgynous style of the hair.


• Firstly conceal the length in the hair for an undercut, androgynous effect by taking the bottom section from ear to ear, tightly pulling this section into a ponytail. Plait the ponytail and secure it into a bun that’s pinned flat to the head.

• Create beautiful soft waves through the front using the Cloud Nine Wand – wrapping the hair from roots to mid-length around the wand, leaving the ends free.

• Create a deep side part and taking both sides, gently twist hair under, towards the back and secure the twist to the head with pins.

• Finish this androgynous undercut-like affect by securing style with hairspray for hold.

PRODUCTS: Cloud Nine Wand, RRP is $270. Stockist number 1300 C9hair.

[Image Source: Agency G for Cloud Nine, for media info related to Cloud Nine please contact The Mint Partners]

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