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Blow Dry Bar Has Blown In!

11 Dec

Good news ladies of Brisbane! Bad hair days are no more! And this news couldn’t have come at a better time…

Picture this! You’ve got a crazy day at work, and you have to make yourself presentable for the work Christmas Party that night but you don’t have time to go home. Well this is exactly the predicament I found myself in yesterday, and you could imagine my relief when the ladies at the new Blow Dry Bar at the Emporium, Fortitude Valley said that they could fit me in for an express wash and blow-dry that afternoon before the party. I would be in and out in half an hour, looking like I had just stepped off the pages of a glossy mag! And to make it even more appealing, a glass of bubbles was involved.

The Blow Dry Bar, a modern girl’s solution to bad hair days, opened it’s shiny new doors on Friday, 7th December located at the Emporium, a great location. There’s free on-site car parking too, and if you’re anything like me, that’s a huge plus!


You would expect this to set you back a pretty penny right? Wrong. Fast becoming the destination for females who seek consistent service and value in their beauty regime, Blow Dry Bar salons are the first of their kind in Australia.  Their concept is simple – help women look expensive without paying the price. Blow Dry Bar can get you from work to gorgeous in just half an hour, with express blow-dries for just $40 (including the wash and massage)!

I was pampered firstly at the wash basin and had my hair washed with the Bangstyle products they stock, then with glass of bubbles in hand, I was introduced to Liz who worked her magic on my hair to give volume and curl to a somewhat flat and lifeless head of hair. Liz has been working as a hairdresser for 10 years and for the last three years she has been working on cruise ships! How cool.

So I guess you want to see the finished result? I’ll let the photo do the talking! 😉


Want to hear even better news? To celebrate their opening week, come down to Blow Dry Bar at Emporium during opening week and enjoy a $15.00 Blow Dry and glass of bubbles, applicable during opening week:  07/12/12 to 14/12/12 and subject to availability.

To make an appointment at Blow Dry Bar at the Emporium call 07 3666 0237, or for more information visit blowdrybar.com.au

I was kindly pampered at the Blow Dry Bar as their guest and as per my disclosure statement, this did not influence my opinion in any way and all reviews are of my own honest opinion.

Irrashaimase!! Harajuku Gyoza

10 Dec

I’ve got a little restaurant review for you today! If you are in Brisbane, then you most likely have heard about the new Japanese Dumpling and Beer bar that has recently opened in Fortitude Valley – aptly named, Harajuku Gyoza. It’s “cool”, “fun” and “cute”!!

How cute is the logo? I just want to squeeze the dumpling’s cheeks!

Word of Warning (or WoW *chuckles*) there will be a line up to get in. But it’s very much worth it. And hey… there’s sometimes a few japanese girls dressed up as “Harajuku Girls” hanging around the front, so you’ll be entertained.

When you get inside, it’s like you’ve just stepped into a bar in Tokyo. Everything is so cute and the interior decor is typical Japanese, with a retro twist.

We were seated up at the bar, which also surrounds the cooking area, on shiny red vinyl bar stools. We immediately ordered drinks, I got a Japanese beer (Kirin) and it came in a classic beer mug with their cute-as logo on it!

This was our view from the bar… in the “midst of it all”

Anni ordered Sake and when she ordered it, our tiny little Japanese waitress grabbed this huge bottle of Sake and then to our astonishment started screaming at the top of her lungs something in Japanese, it kinda sounded like this – “AAAAHHH$%%^*(&*SHAKKKKKAAEEEEEEEE^%”

Of course that makes the whole of the bar stop and stare… and then everyone cheers you on. This happens at separate intervals throughout the night… Anni ordered quite a few, so we got yelled at in Japanese a lot. hahahaha.

We then ordered edamamè and chicken karage to share, and 2 plates of dumplings each – one grilled and one poached. Below are my poached pork dumplings and I also got grilled duck dumplings. They were all amazing! They have soy sauce, chilli oil and rice vinegar on the bar for you to mix up your own sauce.

After we finished and let our food settle (and got in a few more Sake shots), we both ordered the only dessert on the menu… the apple gyoza, which is deep fried and served with vanilla ice cream. These are exactly like those Apple Pies from McDonald’s – but in dumpling form! Yum YUM! Feast your eyes…

But if you only go to Harajuku Gyoza for one reason… let it be because of the toilet!! Yes you read right, the toilet. This place has the elusive “Japanese Toilet”. We’re talking the gadget of all gadgets, it has a front cleanse, rear cleanse (LOL), air dry, heated seat etc etc. We were giggling so much!! It was all we could both talk about for the next day. We want one at home! haha

So if you’re obsessed with dumplings as much as I am, you really need to check this place out. It’s so cool. Worth the wait!!

Harajuku Gyoza
394 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley Q


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