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Let’s get physical

2 Nov

Every woman yearns for radiant clear skin, it’s evident in the fact that Australian women alone spend thousands of dollars a year on expensive creams, gels and treatments that claim to work miracles, but yet we see minimal results. But what it really comes down to is hard work! No not excessively scrubbing your face with exfoliants silly – but on your cardiovascular fitness! I have to say, my skin has never looked so good as when I am looking after myself. And by this, I mean eating healthy and exercising regularly (I aim for 5-6 days a week). Just think about it, when you start to bring your heart rate up and REALLY sweat, it sort of acts as a detox for your skin. Out with the sweat, comes all the toxins. When the body is undergoing a cardiovascular workout, the heart and lungs are pumping oxygen-rich blood through your body and consequently supplying a good dose to your organs (and you know your skin is the biggest organ in the body right? Right!) Ever noticed that post workout glow you have after the flushed look subsides? I personally love that soft glowy look. You know what else I love? Comfy workout gear. My personal fav – Lorna Jane.

So what kind of exercise should we look at doing and for how long? Well the choice is up to you, whether it be walking, running or aerobics classes (I am into Spin classes in a big way) just as long as it’s a cardiovascular workout that lasts 30-45 minutes.

So what are you waiting for? It’s another reason why exercise is just so darn good for you.

Take it away Liv! **Let’s get physical… physical. I want to get physical….. physical!**

image credit: weheartit.com

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