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Benefit Brow Bar – Putting the WOW into your BROWS!

25 Apr

Let me start by saying I’m a past victim of overplucking (sadly at my own hands), and had to endure the unsightly “grow back” stage where I had to restrain from touching my brows for nearly a whole year to let them grow out. So now that I  have my brows back to where I want them – I am very dubious to let anyone touch them.

Thursday saw the opening of the first Benefit Brow Bar in Brisbane at the Brisbane City Myer Centre. So after work, I headed into the city to check it out.

If you haven’t already, you should really check out Benefit – everything is so adorable – from their counters to their products through to their staff!

Benefit Brisbane's main counter

the cute display of products

The new Brow Bar at Brisbane Myer Centre is actually separate from the main counter. It’s around the corner opposite the Kit Cosmetics and next to the shoe department. This counter is set up especially for the Brow Bar service.

Benefit Brow Bar

where you sit to get your brows done

I was looked after by Hannah, who happens to be the Brow & Services Trainer for Benefit Cosmetics Australia and she explained to me the Brow Bar experience and that she would be doing a wax, shape and tint for me.

I was a bit stand off-ish, but Hannah is the bombdotcom at what she does. Hannah is a qualified beauty therapist, as are all the Benefit brow bar girls and each and every one of them go through ‘Brow Bar University’ where they are all trained in the Benefit way of waxing, shaping and tinting. So you can rest easy knowing that when you go to Benefit Brow Bar – you will be in good hands.

First they get you to sign an agreement that you haven’t had any microdermabrasion, taking any medication, haven’t applied fake tan etc. before they begin. This is actually quite important – as Hannah explained to me that applying tint to the skin when fake tan has previously been applied will actually cause the hair to go green as the tint reacts with the DHA in the tan – and we don’t want Grinch eyebrows now do we girls?! So make sure you explain to the Benefit technician any beauty treatments you have done recently to your face, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Secondly, Hannah illustrated to me the brow shaping process and how they actually go about perfecting the perfect brow shape. I have demonstrated below the three points of the brow, the start, the arch and the end, and how they go about finding those points to shape the perfect brow.

1. The start of your brow is found by placing a line straight up from the edge of your nose in line with the inner corner of your eye.

2. The arch of your brow (highest point) is found by placing a line from the same edge of your nose and lining that up with the outer edge of your iris.

3. The end of the brow is found by placing a line from the same edge of you nose, in line with the outer corner of your eye and extended in a straight line.

Your brows should be around the thickness of a pen, and the Benefit brow technician will advise you if you are to grow out any areas of your brows.

Hannah only had to tidy up the start of my brows, take a little bit off the top to smooth out my naturally high arch points and then tidied up underneath etc. When finished she applied powder to hide redness using Hello Flawless and perfectly defined my brows using the new Brows-a-go-go set.



What: Benefit Brow Bar Services


Brow arch wax            $25

Brow arch tweeze        $30

Brow & lip wax            $35

Lip wax                          $15

Chin wax                       $15

Lip & chin wax             $25


Brow tint                        $15

Brow tint w arch          $35


Naturally LUSH lashes  $30

Individual half lashes     $25

Individual full lashes      $35


Pretty Me Please Make Up  $50 (redeemable against product purchase)

Where: Myer Brisbane City 07 3232 0121

When: NOW! Drop in…no appointment necessary

Why: Because a professional brow arch lights up your face making you gorgeous and it’s never been easier and more convenient than at Benefit!!

[Image source: Benefit Cosmetics and my own. Please do not use without permission ]

I was asked to be a guest of the Benefit Brow Bar opening. Thank you to Justin and Hannah.
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