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luxe leather love

5 Aug

I stumbled across this insane makeup case here, and was immediately taken aback by the beauty of this simple, but incredible luxe piece by Natalia Brilli. It’s stylish and quirky and would certainly demand attention (no cooping this baby up). Kind of amazing hey?

For $450, this black leather makeup case may just have to stay being admired by me… I don’t think I could justify a $450 makeup case to my boyfriend.

[Image Source: finalepisode.com.au ]

Tag: What’s In My Bag?

20 Jun

I was tagged to do the ‘What’s In My Bag?’ tag by the lovely Yolanda from Shopping Intervention (go to her blog to check out her video of this). I don’t know about you, but I just love snooping into other people’s bags/private lives… hahaha…. that makes me sound so stalkerish.

I am also going to tag some other beauty bloggers to do this tag, they can either do a video or photos.

So I tag:

Tara from Keeping Up With Me

Tess from Parlour and Loot

Eleanor from Days Like This

Stef from The Lip Print

Below is the video and I have included photos after. Enjoy!

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