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Action Hero ‘Activance’ and the Battle of the Hair Loss

24 May

I have been using the Activance Hair Stimulant now for well over a month and it has been quietly working away in the background, until now!! Lately there have been some stand out moments that made me sit up and think… HEY! This is actually working!!!!

Moments included:

1. At the Brisbane Beauty Bloggers Event, I volunteered my mane for a demonstration of the Cloud Nine The ‘O’ and Lauren McCowan (Creative Director and Stylist for Cloud Nine Australia) quoted “Sarah’s hair is in really good condition*”. As you could imagine, my insides were grinning like a Chesire Cat.
*that may or may not be the exact quote… something along those lines anyway.

2. When I apply this to my damp hair and proceed to comb it, the comb glides through my hair so easily and as a result, I have less hair breakage/fall out.

3. Typically, I lose a LOT of hair, and I have noticed since using Activance that my hair loss has decreased. Sure, I still lose hair, but that is always going to happen and is quite normal. I am happy seeing less hair on my bathroom floor and more on my head!

4. It wasn’t until lately, especially after looking at photos taken of my hair from the Cloud Nine ‘The Wand’ post, that I noticed my hair was looooong. I mean it had GROWN gurll! And that was with curls. Then, more and more people started saying it too!

So I know you are wondering… what in the world is this wonderful “silent hero” you call Activance?

Let’s take a look at this wonder product and what it claims to do…

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