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February Favourites 2011

13 Mar

Weapon of choice

28 Nov

I’m on my way over to Moreton Island as we speak/type (thank you iPhone for keeping me occupied on the journey over) and I thought I would share with you all, my weapon of choice for sun protection over the next few days. This weapon packs a punch, with its squirt nozzle and added benefits (talking about added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for moisture) and it’s oh so easy to use. I’m talking about the new Le Tan SPF 30+ coconut mist spray.


I am very pleased (and proud) to report that I DID NOT get burnt at all on my 2 days over at Moreton Island. What a good little girl I am!! But all thanks don’t go to just me (although I was the weirdo with a huge sun hat, t-shirt and sunnies permanently stuck to my face the entire time). I have to thank my wonderful weapons against UV – Le Tan SPF 30+ coconut mist spray and Shiseido SPF 36+ Sun Protection Stick Foundation. The spray nozzle on the Le Tan sunscreen was very helpful for my covert “cover peeps in sunscreen” mission over there. I easily snuck up on the bf and sprayed him down for good measure. Mwahahahaha.

The bf was kind enough to 4WD me over to Tangalooma from the campsite and sit and wait with me for a few hours (just so I could get a seat before the entire guest list of the resort came down), so I could see the dolphins come in for the nightly feed at the jetty. It was AH-MAZING. I wanted to swim with them. I actually did try one day when I saw one swimming not far out from the water’s edge, but alas all the whistling/water slapping/bait fish throwing I did, the dolphin thought, ‘what a fool’ and continued to ignore me.

Here is said ‘fool’ posing like a fool with a dolphin statue at Tangalooma (I was bored ok)

And the beautiful Moreton Island herself

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14 Nov

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A tribute to Katy’s nails

9 Nov

If you are one of the 4 million that follow the delightfully wacky Katy Perry (@katyperry), then you would know that Katy has a fascination with nail art, and boy does she do it well! Today’s delightful twitpic revealed her latest – the “sprinkles” nail art. Yummmmm. All of a sudden I feel like fairy bread, you? Good reason to chew your nails?

This hundreds and thousands nail art has to be one of my favourites! As a tribute to the lovely katy’s nails, I have featured some more of my favourite nail art photos from Katy Perry herself! Enjoy.

Horsing around

3 Nov

Yesterday was the race that stops the nation – The Melbourne Cup. I was eager to see the fashions on the field from the celebs; some pleased and some didn’t. I think when it comes to race day beauty, less is more. I mean who wants to be worrying about touch ups of bold lippy and a smudged smokey d-eye-lemma??? Let’s have a looksie at my favourite picks for the day in the beauty and fashion stakes.

Ricki-Lee Coulter. Seriously. What a cutie. Not only did she nail the make up but that dress!! A beautiful Alex Perry design in a colour that screams Spring. The fascinator was cute too, it matched the dress but wasn’t too overbearing. She kept her make up simple, opting for big bold eyelashes, luminous skin and a pale pink lipstick. What a winner! Is it just me or is Ricki-Lee looking like such a hottie lately?

Rachael Finch. I personally really liked the colour she wore. Oh and her hair. How delightful. She really is working the ‘dessert’ hair trend that is so hot tamale right now. As with Ricki-Lee, Rachael has opted to keep the make-up clean and simple. What a clever little sausage. I bet she was a winner at the end of the day, NO not because she backed Americain, but because she would have still looked elegant and fresh at the end of the day.

Jennifer Hawkins. I wasn’t too fussed with her “mickey mouse ears” looking headpiece, but I have to say good ol’ Jen always looks amazing. Her hair is full of volume and the colour is perfection. As well as her stand out make up and hair, her dress was a winner too! But Jen could look good in paper bag. Don’t you hate that?

So now to the fails of the field day fashions and beauty – and let me tell you there were a few, but here are a few of the doozys.

Sophie Monk channeling Pocahontas. Seriously what the eff? Is that a feather headpiece that her niece* knocked up at preschool? (Soph may or may not have a niece – I don’t know but you get the idea.) And the hair is….. bleh. Really, do you want to be blonde or brunette? DECIDE!!

Kate Waterhouse as the Statue of Liberty. I’m thinking that maybe dear Kate has just recycled her halloween costume here? I know that the headpiece is Givenchy and all, but really? It’s Melbourne Cup for effs sake and you’re racing royalty! The dress is just.. okay. She sadly could have done so so much better, she is such a stunner and is usually faultless with her fashions.

Who else did you think was a field day fashion and beauty fail? Gosh there were so many hey? Don’t even get me started on that Brynne bird and her homemade “bird” headpiece.

Anyone else girl crushing on Ricki-Lee lately?

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Let’s get physical

2 Nov

Every woman yearns for radiant clear skin, it’s evident in the fact that Australian women alone spend thousands of dollars a year on expensive creams, gels and treatments that claim to work miracles, but yet we see minimal results. But what it really comes down to is hard work! No not excessively scrubbing your face with exfoliants silly – but on your cardiovascular fitness! I have to say, my skin has never looked so good as when I am looking after myself. And by this, I mean eating healthy and exercising regularly (I aim for 5-6 days a week). Just think about it, when you start to bring your heart rate up and REALLY sweat, it sort of acts as a detox for your skin. Out with the sweat, comes all the toxins. When the body is undergoing a cardiovascular workout, the heart and lungs are pumping oxygen-rich blood through your body and consequently supplying a good dose to your organs (and you know your skin is the biggest organ in the body right? Right!) Ever noticed that post workout glow you have after the flushed look subsides? I personally love that soft glowy look. You know what else I love? Comfy workout gear. My personal fav – Lorna Jane.

So what kind of exercise should we look at doing and for how long? Well the choice is up to you, whether it be walking, running or aerobics classes (I am into Spin classes in a big way) just as long as it’s a cardiovascular workout that lasts 30-45 minutes.

So what are you waiting for? It’s another reason why exercise is just so darn good for you.

Take it away Liv! **Let’s get physical… physical. I want to get physical….. physical!**

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oh hai

29 Oct

Hello. Welcome. Bonjour. Konichiwa. How the hell yousse doin?

Bottom line is… nice to see you here! I have finally started my long awaited (for me) blog of musings, everything from beauty, trends, fashion, some inspiration and random ramblings (mostly beauty – which I am obsessed with). Day to day, my head is always full of beauty thoughts and I buy enough beauty products so I thought, hell…why not let everyone know all about the good, bad, ugly, hip and haute.

So enjoy. And follow me on twitter for updates (@hipandhaute)

xx h&h

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