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Moxie – More than just a pretty face

3 Oct

So I’m going to get a little TMI here, but hey, If I talk about it to my friends in real life, then why shouldn’t I share it here on my blog?

Who here has cursed the moment when you go to retrieve something out of your bag, and out topples a dreaded assortment of tampons? *hand raises* C’mon I know it’s happened at least once to some of you, and I’m sure you can agree that’s once too many. And don’t even get me started on those wretched cardboard tampon boxes that do nothing to contain the tampons and get destroyed in the bottom of your handbag.

When Moxie was released in Australia, I knew my woes were over. Pink, cute and purse-friendly, I grabbed them and ran. And I have never looked back! Each tin is reusable and recyclable and come with 8 tampons each (16 per pack) for only $4.39.

Think beauty mixed with fashion, and you’ve got Moxie. Unlike any other sanitary protection products, Moxie’s range of tampons, pads and liners have been created with both convenience, fashion AND femininity in mind. Moxie’s aim is to deliver excellent quality products that are beautifully packaged, that truly satisfy your style, comfort and your love of all things feminine – whatever the time of month.

But we all know it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. Moxie is more than just cute tins and candy-striped packaging; their range of tampons, pads and liners have been designed with quality, reliability and comfort in mind. Moxie delivers both style AND substance.

Moxie have recently launched their latest campaign, ‘More than just a pretty face’, focused on showing that the Moxie brand is more than just super cute tins, its what’s on the inside that counts.  The campaign is not just a reference to Moxie, but a message to show females what truly matters.

To help celebrate this campaign they are asking females to nominate someone they think is more than just a pretty face on the Moxie Facebook page and in return they will send you a free sample of Moxie Slenders Pads. This special event starts tomorrow from 9am (Tuesday 4th October) on the Moxie Facebook Page.

So head on over tomorrow and let Moxie know who you think is more than just a pretty face!

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ABBW Prep: Fake Tanning and Eyebrow Shaping

1 Oct

In my preparation for The Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend (ABBW) the weekend just gone, I booked in a few “must/absolutely/will die if they see me in this state” beauty appointments. A spray tan and an eyebrow shape of course – the two quickest ways to looking polished and ready for any big event where you will be photographed a lot. A lady of beauty can’t be surrounded by 84 other beauty bloggers looking like a ghost with bushy brows now can she?!

I made a trip to Lush Spray Tanning & Beauty at Albion after a few recommendations (my Mum has been there and so has Bec at Perfectly Smooth).

I decided to go with the Velocity Tan by Vani-T (rapid tan) as I wanted to be able to wash it off that night, I was catching an early flight the next day to Sydney and I didn’t want to stink the other passengers out. My other reason was that I wanted a natural looking tan (look for formulas that have a green base) that was going to make me look like I just stepped off the beach in the Maldives.

Velocity Tan by Vani-T is the world’s first RAPID Tan with Certified Organic DHA & Quad Bronzing Technology. Vani-T Liquid Sun’s internationally renowned luscious natural and organic based formula is now available to wash and wear in as little as 1 hour (1 hour – light tan, 2 hours – medium tan, 3 – 4 hours – dark tan). Wash off after the desired development time and the colour keeps developing. No waiting for hours for your tan to develop, tan remnants on your sheets, or an excuse for not going to the gym!

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