TAG: IMATS 2011 and The ABBW

20 Sep

So my excitement pants are well and truly on, some might say I’m getting a camel’s toe from them being on so high. Ewwww. I know I know. Sorry to make you vom in your mouth a lil.

So why the excitement wedgie (front and back) you ask? Well my pretties, I Miss Hip & Haute am off to IMATS in Sydney as part of the BIGGEST AND BESTEST BEAUTY BLOGGER WEEKEND IN THE WORLD (well Australia at least) titled The ABBW (Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend).

If you are a beauty blogger, I’m pretty sure you would already know about this weekend, but if you’re not familiar go check out www.theabbw.com to see what all the fuss is about.

In a nutshell, The ABBW is:

The Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend (ABBW) is a first of its kind event for Australian beauty bloggers. Bringing together Australian beauty bloggers from around the country, the ABBW is a two day event that will include the International Make-Up Artists Trade Show (IMATS), social events and much more.

The ABBW is a unique opportunity for bloggers to meet, greet, network and partake in some fantastic events.  It’s also an exceptional opportunity for companies to promote and publicise their products to a dedicated and passionate group of bloggers, all of whom are singularly united in their aim to look stunning at all times.

So this weekend (EEEEEEE only 3 more sleeps) I will be jetting off to Sydney to partake, and boy will it be the most epic weekend ever. Part of the ABBW weekend is a visit to the International Make-Up Artists Trade Show (IMATS) and there has been a tag floating around about IMATS. I was tagged by the lovely Dana from Blushfully.

So here are the questions!

1. Which IMATS are you attending?

Sydney and it won’t just be an IMATS, as I mentioned above it will also be ABBW (Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend) – 2 action packed days of beauty titillation! YEWW

2. Have you ever been to IMATS Before?

No! Never. Which is why I’m so excited. And to go with 85 fellow beauty bloggers is just the icing and cherry on top of the cupcake!

3. How are you getting there?

Flying down (Qantas betchesssssss yew, free food and baggage allowance – cos I’ll be needing it!)

4. Are you bringing anyone along?

My fellow Brisbane Beauty Bloggers (#BBBE) will be heading down as well.

5. Is there anything else in the IMATS city that you want to see?

Umm anything and everything. I haven’t been to Sydney since I was a youngen. It will be good to see it through adult eyes!! 🙂

6.What days will you be in the city for IMATS?

I fly into Sydney Friday morning and fly out Sunday night. I will be at IMATS on Saturday.

7. Who do you want to meet?

All the other Beauty Bloggers that are coming from all over the country especially for this grand event (and the Sydney girls too, you better be hospitable! Hah!)

8. What companies are you excited to see?

Inglot, M.A.C, Make Up For Ever, Crown, Royal & Langnickel, Graftobian, Illamasqua (even though I am well aquainted), PM Studio. Mostly all of them.

9. What products are you looking for?

My first Inglot palette, Illamasqua primer, M.A.C gel eyeliner, variety of brushes, brush cleaner, false eyelashes.

10. How much do you plan to spend?

Hmm hopefully not too much… but who knows. I may need to set a budget/limit.

11. What do you want to get out of IMATS?

As much as I can. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person, networking, listening to the key note speakers and learning, learning and learning at all the beauty events. My brain is going to be overloaded. 🙂

Well that’s it!! If you want to do this Tag, please go ahead, and make sure to let me know.

Can you tell I don’t get out much?! I’m tres’ excited. 3 SLEEPS! 3 SLEEPS! 3 SLEEPS! 3 SLEEPS! 3 SLEEPS! 3 SLEEPS! 3 SLEEPS! 3 SLEEPS!

P.S. Thank you Kimmi and Jacie for making this coming weekend possible! Prepare to be smothered with adoration. 🙂


4 Responses to “TAG: IMATS 2011 and The ABBW”

  1. Anita September 21, 2011 at 8:29 am #

    Yay!!! Can’t wait to meet you, and I promise we’ll be hospitable 🙂

    • hip&haute September 21, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

      Can’t wait to meet you too! I’m sure you will be. 🙂 I was just playing!

  2. memybestandi September 21, 2011 at 9:04 am #

    Maybe don’t bring the camel mate, not a good look!! LOLs.
    Looking forward to meeting you :))

    • hip&haute September 21, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

      Bahaha…. aww Carmelo the Camel doesn’t get to go out much. Pweaseeeeeeee!!!?? Haha
      SO SO SO looking forward to meeting you too!

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