RAFW 2011 Get the Look: Cloud Nine for Therese Rawsthorne feat. Jon Pulitano

3 May

The first show for Cloud Nine at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) was for Therese Rawsthorne this morning at 9am at The Clothing Store. Hair was styled by Jon Pulitano for Cloud Nine.

STYLIST: Jon Pulitano for Cloud Nine

SHOW: Therese Rawsthorne

VENUE: The Clothing Store, Wilson st, Everleigh

DAY AND TIME: Tuesday, May 3rd at 9am

ABOUT THE COLLECTION: Strong colours, sheer fabrics with an overall androgynous style of glamour.

DESIGN INSPIRATION: Having watched the TV series, Twin Peaks, recently for the first time, Therese was blow way taken by the characters, the design and the crazy plot twists. Even though it is now over 20 years old it has been a key inspiration for this Spring Summer collection.

Designer Quote, Therese Rawsthorne: “Hair direction allows you to transform your show into a world, to communicate a complete ideal that tells the story of your collection. Cloud Nine is a strong, modern and creative brand and the confidence I have when working with Jon allows me to create the most amazing hair”.

THE HAIR LOOK: Using the same inspiration as the designer, Jon Pulitano looked to Twin Peaks for beauty references. The hair reflected leading character Josie Packard and her chic androgynous glamour.  The Cloud Nine Wand was crucial in creating the beautiful soft wave shape through the front that added a feminine touch to the androgynous style of the hair.


• Firstly conceal the length in the hair for an undercut, androgynous effect by taking the bottom section from ear to ear, tightly pulling this section into a ponytail. Plait the ponytail and secure it into a bun that’s pinned flat to the head.

• Create beautiful soft waves through the front using the Cloud Nine Wand – wrapping the hair from roots to mid-length around the wand, leaving the ends free.

• Create a deep side part and taking both sides, gently twist hair under, towards the back and secure the twist to the head with pins.

• Finish this androgynous undercut-like affect by securing style with hairspray for hold.

PRODUCTS: Cloud Nine Wand, RRP is $270. Stockist number 1300 C9hair.

[Image Source: Agency G for Cloud Nine, for media info related to Cloud Nine please contact The Mint Partners]

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