a lush valentine’s day

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day Hautees!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day and was spoilt (either by their other half or just from themselves). Don’t tell anyone, but I did buy myself some chocolates! hehehe.

So my other half and I celebrated the day of luurvvveee yesterday with a great dinner out at Libertine Restaurant, some Movenpick ice cream and a movie night.

So what did I get the boy you ask? I know I know… boys are so hard to buy for. So here’s what I did, I bought a cute little gift bag, stuffed it with his favourite chocolates, a pair of boxer shorts (cos seriously they can’t have too many) and the new range of goodies from LUSH Cosmetics from the Valentine’s Day range (available instore now).

The Ex Factor (AUD$6.50) is a blue man with a little heart. Drop him into a warm bath for a fizzing sweet vanilla fragrance and a deep blue, skin-softening soak. Its musky, creamy scent and dissolvable limbs make for a wickedly fun bath, where you can fizz away your worries. A really refreshing scent! Best for winding down after a long and tiresome day. (And don’t worry, I didn’t tell him what this one was called! 😛 )

Magic Mushroom (AUD$6.95) is cute little fairytale mushroom scented with strawberries and vanilla cream, crumble under running bath water for a magical scented bubble bath. The bubble bars have exactly the right amount of bubbly stuff, water softening bicarbonate of soda and fine-smelling essential oils to make two or more baths. To use, crumble a third to a half of the bubble bar under the running bath water to create huge amounts of  bubbly foam and jump in! I love to use these to scent my room or underwear draw as well. Bliss!

Even though it’s not part of the Valentine’s Day range I just had to get Sex Bomb (AUD$7.95) a bath bomb of seductive scents. This creamy Ballistic fizzes slowly in the bath releasing the exotic fragrance of clary sage, ylang ylang and jasmine. Purple and pink froth and a delicate rice paper flower swirl seductively around so you can lose yourself in a moment of sensual delight. Soya milk softens you and the water so you’ll emerge feeling and smelling like a Sex Bomb. Run a warm bath, drop in the Ballistic and drop yourself (or yourselves) in there too. Relax, breathe in and stay there for at least 20 minutes for the full effect. The scent is so powerful that it actually did linger on the body! The boyf used this and I couldn’t stop smelling him. 🙂

Well I’m off to watch ‘Going The Distance’ with the boy, I LOVE that movie. Have you seen it? I hope Drew Barrymore and Justin Long get together and stay together in real life!

❤ ❤

Oh and in other news… did you hear that Barbie and Ken are back together as of today!? They broke it off on Valentine’s Day of 2004 and are back in each others arms Valentine’s Day of 2011. Awwwwwwww.

[Image Soure: weheartit.com, barbiecafe.blogspot.com]

2 Responses to “a lush valentine’s day”

  1. Haute Style February 20, 2011 at 2:01 pm #

    So jealous! I’m coming over to use your bath tub!! tehehehehehehe!

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