Essie California Coral

24 Nov

In keeping with my current coral craze (phew, try and say that 20 times really fast), I took great advantage of the Myer One sale last week and bought myself a new Essie nail polish. The lucky pick? Why California Coral ($18.95) of course! This shade really caught my eye. I went in initially wanting to get either fiji or tart deco from the range but ended up taking this bad boy up to the counter. Can you say coral obsessed?! 😀

I can’t say enough good things about the Essie range, not only the durability, but the colours are WAY CUTE! You could totally get away with only doing one coat of this colour if you were lazy or in a hurry. I did two coats and topped it off with OPI Rapidry Top Coat. The pictures below are 3 days in, so it’s safe to say that the Essie polishes are good quality and really last.

California Coral is an intense red coral with a smooth finish and remarkable durability that you would come to expect from such a brand as Essie. I will definitely be going back to get some more Essie shades. You can’t fault them. And I will be wearing this shade a lot throughout summer, teamed with a coral lip.

You can find Essie at Myer for $18.95 each. These would make a great stocking filler. I don’t know what girl wouldn’t want one of these fantastic nail polishes.

Tell me, do you like Essie? What colours are your favourite?

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3 Responses to “Essie California Coral”

  1. htothedizzle November 24, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

    Hi! My name is Hallie and I have entered a Savvy Magazine photo shoot contest. I know you don’t know me but the winners are chosen by the public and if the public doesn’t know they need to vote…well, you guessed it, no one votes! Could you take a moment and look at my photos and decide if you would vote for me or not? Thanks! Here’s the link, could you pass it along?

    • hip&haute November 24, 2010 at 12:43 pm #

      Hi Hallie I have put in my vote. Good luck

  2. Stella November 25, 2010 at 3:21 pm #

    What a great colour 🙂
    I love Essie – always long lasting.

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