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Weapon of choice

28 Nov

I’m on my way over to Moreton Island as we speak/type (thank you iPhone for keeping me occupied on the journey over) and I thought I would share with you all, my weapon of choice for sun protection over the next few days. This weapon packs a punch, with its squirt nozzle and added benefits (talking about added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for moisture) and it’s oh so easy to use. I’m talking about the new Le Tan SPF 30+ coconut mist spray.


I am very pleased (and proud) to report that I DID NOT get burnt at all on my 2 days over at Moreton Island. What a good little girl I am!! But all thanks don’t go to just me (although I was the weirdo with a huge sun hat, t-shirt and sunnies permanently stuck to my face the entire time). I have to thank my wonderful weapons against UV – Le Tan SPF 30+ coconut mist spray and Shiseido SPF 36+ Sun Protection Stick Foundation. The spray nozzle on the Le Tan sunscreen was very helpful for my covert “cover peeps in sunscreen” mission over there. I easily snuck up on the bf and sprayed him down for good measure. Mwahahahaha.

The bf was kind enough to 4WD me over to Tangalooma from the campsite and sit and wait with me for a few hours (just so I could get a seat before the entire guest list of the resort came down), so I could see the dolphins come in for the nightly feed at the jetty. It was AH-MAZING. I wanted to swim with them. I actually did try one day when I saw one swimming not far out from the water’s edge, but alas all the whistling/water slapping/bait fish throwing I did, the dolphin thought, ‘what a fool’ and continued to ignore me.

Here is said ‘fool’ posing like a fool with a dolphin statue at Tangalooma (I was bored ok)

And the beautiful Moreton Island herself


Haute As!

26 Nov

Looking on and I saw this shade from the 2010 Summer Collection called Haute As Hello. Umm Hello!? I NEED this! Not only is it a coral shade, it has got haute in the name. Too good to be true?

Anyone know when this Essie Summer Collection will be coming to oz?



I got this shade from Myer on the weekend. Will post review soon.

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1 minute wonders

26 Nov

Hair masks that you can do for less time than it takes to make 2 minute noodles? I know which one I would rather be doing (the one that doesn’t involve the sodium bloat, duhh). I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my hair (I know, tsk tsk), so my ideal hair mask is one that I can do in the shower and leave on for a minute or two whilst I wash my body. Am I not alone? So in my lazy girl quest, I have come across a few you-beaut ‘minute’ wonders you might want to consider:

Stefan Alive One Minute Nourishing Keratin Treatment ($32.95) – I used this treatment in conjunction with the Stefan Alive Nourishing Keratin Shampoo and boy was my hair silky smooth. Keratin naturally occurs in our skin, hair, nails and teeth and can be broken down by heat and external damages. By replenishing the keratin lost in your hair, you can counteract the damage to your hair’s cortex and get frizz-free, straight and silky locks. Being that I already have pretty straight hair, the most noticable results I get from this treatment is silky smoothness and manageable hair, especially during blow-drying.


Schwarzkoph Extra Care Oil Nutritive Repair Butter Mask for Anti Split-ends ($9.95) – I grabbed this mask with the allure of reducing the split-ends I’m getting from a) trying to grow my hair out, and b) getting a light balayage on the lower half of my hair. The rich ‘butter’ formula with argan & shea oils restructure the hair and protect from further split-ends by up to 97% and get this, works in 1 minute! This hair mask is a rich butter texture, which I really like because my ends are so dry from colour damage and this mask really nourishes my hair. Call me crazy, but I have noticed a drastic reduction in the occurence of split-ends. Just be sure not to put this mask on your roots or you will have oily roots to deal with.

Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Treatment Conditioner ($7.99) – this little beauty is a conditioner and treatment in one so you can use this everyday in place of your daily conditioner (or weekly if you prefer). Dove hair products never fail and this one is no exception. The super conditioner makes tresses feel so smooth and silky and takes under 2 minutes to work. And the price is so cheap.

Is anyone else super lazy like me when it comes to hair treatments? It’s funny how I’m so lazy with my hair but I spend so much time everyday applying lotions and serums to my face. 🙂

Essie California Coral

24 Nov

In keeping with my current coral craze (phew, try and say that 20 times really fast), I took great advantage of the Myer One sale last week and bought myself a new Essie nail polish. The lucky pick? Why California Coral ($18.95) of course! This shade really caught my eye. I went in initially wanting to get either fiji or tart deco from the range but ended up taking this bad boy up to the counter. Can you say coral obsessed?! 😀

I can’t say enough good things about the Essie range, not only the durability, but the colours are WAY CUTE! You could totally get away with only doing one coat of this colour if you were lazy or in a hurry. I did two coats and topped it off with OPI Rapidry Top Coat. The pictures below are 3 days in, so it’s safe to say that the Essie polishes are good quality and really last.

California Coral is an intense red coral with a smooth finish and remarkable durability that you would come to expect from such a brand as Essie. I will definitely be going back to get some more Essie shades. You can’t fault them. And I will be wearing this shade a lot throughout summer, teamed with a coral lip.

You can find Essie at Myer for $18.95 each. These would make a great stocking filler. I don’t know what girl wouldn’t want one of these fantastic nail polishes.

Tell me, do you like Essie? What colours are your favourite?

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22 Nov

I’m all about coral lipstick lately, well coral anything actually when it comes to beauty prods (don’t get me started on the coral nail polish I’m rocking and the Benefit Coralista blush I swear by). I was feeling a bit glum one day so I decided to pop over to the chemist to see what goodies they had to cheer me up. Checking out Revlon, I came across the new Summer 2010 collection ‘Summer Safari’, and the standout shade in Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipsticks was by far, Miss ‘Melonade’ (Shade 180, $21.95). Here she is in all her corally goodness.

Melonade is much more on the pink side of coral lipsticks as you can see in the photos below. I think it turns out more pink once you put it on your lips because your lips are pink? If you get what I mean. It also looks different in different lighting. I had to take a few pics to demonstrate.

I actually prefer that it is a bit more pink. I’m not so brave yet to rock the full on neon coral like that of the M.A.C. Morange or Vegas Volt.

As for the formula? The Super Lustrous range of lippies are great because they are a rich, full coverage colour; they are creamy and silky smooth, and the formula contains silk-enriched moisturisers and vitamins – so you don’t experience that dryness when wearing it. The colour is bright and very summery. It’s best paired with fresh, flawless makeup with just a bit of mascara.

Are you a big fan of the coral lippy? At this price, you should really try it out.

Latest haul

16 Nov

So I just thought I’d share my latest haul with you guys from the last week or so. Gotta a few different goodies and I will do a few reviews on some of the products at a later date.

I needed a new cleanser so I thought I would try the L’Occitane Foaming Rice Cleanser. What drew me to this product was the fact that it’s a rich foaming cleanser (and soap-free) which removes make-up, impurities & excess sebum. The red rice powder helps absorbs surface oil & mattes out shine, whilst the zinc helps to rebalance & control oil production. Just what my oily/combo skin needs (and the fact that it’s a pump pack and you only need a small amount was just the icing on the cake really).

The Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation SPF36+ in Ochre which I have previously raved about in my post ‘Beach Bag Beauty’. This product is such a winner, so much so that I have started to wear it everyday! It lasts all day, provides broad UV sun protection and leaves me with a healthy “glowing” tan complexion.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Melonade 180 – this lipstick provides intense colour and moisture. And is so on trend for summer. Will post on this soon!

Lush Cosmetics Gingerbread House Bubble Bar – when I went to Pacific Fair on the weekend, I dragged the whole of my family (some willing, some not) into this store and put my nose to work. My pick was this bubble bar because it just smells SO.DARN.GOOD! Seriously I just want to crush it up and stick it in my nostrils. And how cute is it!? I spent the whole next day smelling it repeatedly. There needs to be a candle/melt made of this scent because it’s to die for. I think it was only $6.50 or $8.50? Can’t remember. But you only have to use a 1/3 for each bath. Review to come!

Australis ‘Paint The Town’ Nail polish exclusively for Target – I got the light blue colour as that was the only one left at Target when I went. But I am hoping to go and pick up some more of the colours in the range. I’ll keep you posted.

And lastly, Benefit Hoola Bronzer because I am starting to see the bottom of my first one 😦 and this is the BEST bronzer I have ever come across. Well for me anyway. It’s perfect for conturing and it’s not a oompa loompa colour, it looks natural.


Australis Cosmetics GWP

15 Nov

Quick! Get to your nearest Priceline/Target/Wherever they sell Australis and when you spend only $20 on any Australis Cosmetics product you will receive this awesome gift with purchase FREE:

Freakin saaweeettt right? It’s the NEW 4 in 1 Conceal Correct! It’s a multi-tasking concealer-corrector palette filled with skin-perfecting shades in a super-cute flip kit with inbuilt mirror. Don’t be silly, get your butt into a store asap and get your mitts on some Australis goodies as this deal is only whilst stocks last. I know I’m going to pick up some of the Make-Up Finishing Spritz for when I do my sister’s formal make-up this Friday and hopefully the Khaki coloured nail polish if damn Target has restocked it.

beach bag beauty

15 Nov

This weekend the weather was perfect, my family were staying at Surfer’s Paradise and I had some new bikinis to break in… so what was a girl to do? BEACH TRIP!! So what did I pack in my beach bag? Let’s take a looksie shall we?

• Evodia Australia Tropical Passion Body Fragrance ($23.95) – I just spray a light mist of this over my hair and body. The fragrance reminds me of the beach with it’s exotic ‘tropical’ scent which is quite fitting really. I use this instead of perfume because I’ve always believed that you shouldn’t wear perfume to the beach. Not that I don’t think you shouldn’t smell lovely, but because I think the alcohol in perfume assists the burning of your skin. Now this is just my crazy belief and I don’t know if it has been scientifically proven but a lot of older ladies have always said that they think the freckles all over their neck are caused by wearing a perume in the sun. Has anyone else heard of this? Or is it just me being a bit crazy?

• Shiseido SPF 36+ Sun Protection Stick Foundation in Ochre ($45.00) – a treatment-enriched stick foundation that defends against powerful UVA/UVB rays as it provides a sheer natural finish for a smooth radiant look. I LURVEEEE this stick foundation. I love the fact that this is a SPF 36+ sun protectant and foundation in one and I don’t have to rock up to the beach looking like casper the friendly ghost from using a cheap ghostly white oily sunscreen lotion on my face. This stick foundation isn’t oily (I have oily/combo skin) and the actual coverage of the foundation is really good. Added bonus – it’s water-resistant too! You can’t go wrong, seriously – you need to get this in your life NOW.

• A comb and hair band (not pictured) – well this is simple really, who wants the frizzy rats nest of a hair do you get from being dumped in the surf? Not me. I comb my hair and flip it up into a top knot while the hair is still wet. Easy peasey beach hair do!

• Moroccanoil Oil Treatment for all hair types ($49.50) – this one doesn’t necessarily make it to the beach but it is a MUST for your hair before you head off for the day. This oil absorbs instantly into your hair to provide shine, conditioning and restores elasticity all while protecting your hair from environmental factors i.e. the big bad sun. Great to apply to hair while it’s wet before putting your hair up in a top knot.

• Le Tan SPF 30+ Coconut Mist Spray ($16.95) – this spray sunscreen is new to the Le Tan range this year and I think it’s a winner of a product. Not only is it so convenient to use because of it’s spray nozzle, but the formula is broad spectrum, non-ghosting, 2 hours water resistant and best part – it smells like coconut and contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for moisturising. WHAT.A.WINNER! Seriously, I challenge you to find a more convenient, bang-for-your-buck sunscreen. Oh did I mention it’s recommended by Surf Life Saving Australia?!

• Bloom Cosmetics Sheer Colour Cream in Coy ($24.00) – this is a pinky/peach cheek and lip cream that I use for a blush over the top of the Shiseido stick foundation. This gives a pop of colour on my cheeks (as I don’t weat any other makeup on my face apart from the stick foundation) and stays throughout the day. The best thing about a cream blush is that you can just chuck the product in your bag when you head off and you don’t have to worry about brushes – the tools are already with you – your fingers!!

• Hissyfit Lip Service lip balm with SPF 30+ ($18.95) – this wonder prod provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection from the sun whilst being ultra hydrating with shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. It’s a super smart product to take with you to the beach because whilst we all tend to slap the sunscreen on the face, how many of you apply sun protection to your lips huh? Yes, that’s what I thought, not many. Oh and this lip balm smells saaweeeet!! Make sure you get this for summer to keep those luscious lips of yours damage free. Trust me, you’ll thank me later (like laterrrrr later, in your 60s/70s).

So tell me, what are your summer beauty staples?

I’d love to know what everyone else takes to the beach.

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14 Nov

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A tribute to Katy’s nails

9 Nov

If you are one of the 4 million that follow the delightfully wacky Katy Perry (@katyperry), then you would know that Katy has a fascination with nail art, and boy does she do it well! Today’s delightful twitpic revealed her latest – the “sprinkles” nail art. Yummmmm. All of a sudden I feel like fairy bread, you? Good reason to chew your nails?

This hundreds and thousands nail art has to be one of my favourites! As a tribute to the lovely katy’s nails, I have featured some more of my favourite nail art photos from Katy Perry herself! Enjoy.

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